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La Presó de Nonasp (The Prison of Nonasp)

On th 2nd of September in 1917, the owner of the house in Carrer Vell nº 7 achieved this property, Nonasp's jail,  in a public auction for 305 old pesetas. The money was set aside for "the building of schools for girls ans also for boys, a fair improvement for kids benefit, that these days are actually in a wrong building..." (Minutes of plenary session of the 22nd of April in 1917). The owner attached the jail to his house. At present we turned the building, located in the old town, into a cottage for 5 people (with 7 extra bed).  It has the DGA permission, nº A-Z-29. It is located in the old town.


Grating prison window Cottage in Nonaspe Interior detail of the house